360 Studio Non-Profit Mission

Team 360 Studio is passionate about our mission to Lift Up our charitable community support systems, for the greater good. 

Working with Board of Director teams using new and creative funding solutions.
360 Studio works to accomplish 2 main goals with each location.

1) Create a more self sustained property for your group, freeing financial resources for your work, is our mission. 
2) Providing new systems to build a more active and engaged community around your missions, through the year.  

360 Studio offers a variety of options to accomplish these goals, with varying levels of investment and resource building with each.

With new creative strategies and by connecting your group with others for support, we are able to help non-profit locations become more self sufficient and gain new resources for their work, while using a modest budget!

Non Profit Funding Solutions 2023

Funding and building active community around your cause has never been more accessible.

Learning curves can be intimidating, there are many options available to complete each task and the risk of wasting resources while learning is high. Becoming overwhelmed and giving up before finding success is also common. 

Let Us Show You How

We would like to schedule a time to meet with your Board of Directors to discuss all of the New ways community groups can fund their work every year.

Please use the button below to  schedule a convenient time for us to meet with your team.

Discover new funding opportunities we can now connect your group to using a modest budget. 

We'll present brand new ways to make your property more self sufficient and inspire an actively engaged community around supporting your brand. 

Your Property - Self Sustained

Your location offers new opportunities to raise funding for your work, with less effort than ever before for your team.

With the goal of having your property sustain itself and freeing finances to accomplish more, we will provide options to meet the needs and resources of your initiatives.

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Provide Unique Means Of Support With 
Print On Demand Driving Success

It is incredible that any person, company or non profit group are able to create products and sell them online, even inspire community for your brand or project. 

360 Studio has developed a publishing system that allows anyone to design custom products and offer them for sale. Generate a steady stream of income with little management for your team!

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Become A Real Part Of Members Lives
All Year Long With 360 Studio

This solution is tailor made for those in your community who are most engaged, or will be. 

In a busy world of beeps and buzz sounds it's hard to build a close community connection for members of a group.

360 Studio has created new ways for your group to be a reminder of members active role and their value in something larger than themselves. 

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